my thoughts expressed in words

This too shall pass…………

on April 29, 2011

How many of you believe in this phrase…. and if u believe how many execute it…..?

Just believing is not enough… we need to practise it. But that is where is the hitch. Its not very easy. Only with constant practise we can achieve it.

Life is not a bed of roses for anyone. Every one of us have a rough path to walk at some point or other in our life. But believing that there is a smooth road ahead makes the difference. This is where positive thinking helps. I can hear some of you saying….”Oh its very easily said than done”..Yes i agree. I dont mean to say that one should never get even the slightest negative thought. Its bound flood our mind at any stage. My opinion is that those negative thoughts should be dismissed in a jiffy and the mind should be reassured of positive results/happenings. This can be achieved only by “YOU” and no amount of external support can actually make it happen. Yes speeches by great men, books and other material can accentuate the idea but finally it has to be executed by YOU.

Our mind should be free of the missed bus syndrome, and be willing to act and live in the present. There are many such instances where your child may fall sick, or you yourself may be going through a rough patch physically or mentally your near and dear ones might be suffering, your future and old age might be bothering you, your financial uncertainity might be looming in your head, and many many issues.

when we are calm, we can think better, decisions made at calm times are really the best. Emotions should never rule our mind. The trials and troubles faced are not unique to us. Everyone faces problems in their own way. But it is the faith, the hope and the belief that gives the BEST results.

Wishing all of you a lovely day!!!!

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