my thoughts expressed in words

Maiden Visit………….

on July 2, 2011

She was a tiny, timid, pretty girl.Her mother – a young lady in her late twenties was pretty too.. The mother was trying to coax, cajole, bribe, admonish her daughter. She was trying to explain how comfortable it would be, how trendy it would look, how her teacher and friends would appreciate her for that. She started feeling helpless at one point that she looked around and sought a nod of approval from the onlookers. But the daughter would not budge… she was screaming… Some threw glances of disturbance, some found it funny, some felt nostalgic and with  a smile thought   about how they had handled this same situation in their life[ I was thinking how my daughters never made a fuss for this] some offered help, but nothing worked. The poor mother did not know that this situation will change in life, down a few years, the daughter will definitely be assertive in her choices. Later on there will be many such situations where the mother will again be coaxing, cajoling and bribing just for the daughter to give her an ear. This repeats with every woman …..

The tiny timid, pretty girl  was a toddler who had started schooling and had come for a hair cut on her maiden visit to the beauty salon !!!!!!!!!!!!

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