my thoughts expressed in words


on July 9, 2011

We sat for lunch today…me, amma and appa  The person from the refrigeration company  comes for the AMC of the fridge, I leave the table and guide him to the kitchen after collectively wondering how there was no call from the company taking a prior appointment….. after a brief time with the technician i turned around for something and saw amma (who had left the table and her food half way… )at the entrance of the kitchen.

I understood her concern of my being alone with this  sudden visitor.. This is not intrusion… If people just think for  a second before framing opinions, we can avoid all misunderstandings. Elders in the house have their own way of supervising us. Its not ‘barging into our privacy’. Its the concern, care that they have for us. Our children learn from us how to be amicable with elders at home. Our behaviour will assure us how we will be treated during the sunset period of our life.. Won’t we take it in the right sense, if the same is done by our mom and dad…..

Yes, I was having lunch with my in-laws!!!!!

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