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Mother……….no proxy found…

on August 23, 2011

They say


The absence of mother creates a void. However diabled she is, whether she is conscious or not, she gives her child a comfort of being there. Howmuch ever the child prays to Lord to take away her mother, as the child cannot see her suffer, the emptiness creeps in when she is not there.

Time will heal the wound, Time will take care, etc., are all true and right. But till that starts working, the child [how ever old he or she is] misses the mother badly. The child carries out her daily duties, compells herself in her routine, smiles, laughs, eats, sleeps, all mechanically. The thought that mother is no more keeps flashing in her mind. Life still moves on.

The value of something or someone is completely understood when it is not with us. Mothers are termed as nagging, irritating, inquisitive, and many more. When she is not there, there is no body to do all this to us. But we would have grown up as good human beings by the time. If she had not ‘ nagged’  ‘irritated’  and ‘intruded’ in our activities, God  knows what we would have been.

She burns herself like a candle to take care of us right from the time that are created in her womb..

She deserves to be taken care of, loved, admired, accomodated and adored.

I pity those who abuse their mothers and send them to Old age homes. God bless them too for their folly…

Time is running out…. HUG your mother every time you see her.. be it even if its daily or hourly…..

One response to “Mother……….no proxy found…

  1. Aishwarya Srinivasan says:

    Amma all that I want to say is “I Love YOu”

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