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Looking out of the window……….

on September 12, 2011

On one of my bus travels recently i was lost in the charm of the  melodious songs that i had compiled in my i-pod. With dreamy eyes, i looked out of the window and as the traffic was heavy the bus was moving very slowly.. There were  cars lined up along our bus. As they were moving one behind the other, i realized one thing my eyes were trying to observe. The dashboards of the cars were interesting. I became curious to see the next car, the next car.I sat up straight and started taking a keen look. One had  a small ganpati, one had a medium sized idol of ganpati. Some had Lakshmi, some had Saibaba. Some had Krishna, and the traditional keralite decoration piece hanging from the rear view mirror. (Wow… i was smart enough to guess that the owner was a south indian ! )Some had a small piece of cloth on the idol, (to protect God from the scorching sun).Some had put a big cloth, making it difficult for me to identify ! Some had shifted their pooja room in the dash board making elaborate decorations like flickering lights and big garlands. Some had stuck a vaccum peg on the front glass and hung a small umbrella for the idol. Some had stickers on the front glass too. One car had an idol of Mahaveera.. something different.

One had two bears hugging each other. There was one with a soft toy of  a dog lying face down.. The kid in the car must have left it like that the previous day. Rarely could i see a car without any idol in the dash board. Probably the ones without were confident to carry on without divine intervention! But at the same time, i could also read how people related to the almighty by having  some form of car-friendly-sized idol.

By the time it was time for me to get down, i was reminded of the idol in my car which has been with us for the past seven years and how we are so sentimental that we take it away from our car before we give away the keys of the old one so that we can plant it in our new car….!

One response to “Looking out of the window……….

  1. milina says:

    that strikes me of this particularly ‘muslim’ biased woman in a movie who looks at the idol on the cabs dashboard and refuses to enter only to realize later, one of the cabs crowded with hindu idols was being driven by a muslim driver whereas the owner was a hindu… quite a thought provoking scene

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