my thoughts expressed in words


on December 30, 2011

Just one more day to go… start fresh with the next 365 days.

With lots and lots of dreams in my eyes, energy bubbling in me, i am looking forward for the next year. I am sincerely praying to the almighty to bless each and every soul on this earth with abundant posperity.

Looking back at the year gone, I  smile to myself and say “Not bad”….

It had its own high and low times. It was the year in  which i started putting my thoughts in this blog. One after the other, when i started writing i discovered a new self.. It gave me lots of confidence to go ahead in this area. I acquired quite a lot of friends,renewed friendships of twenty five years and more,  and learnt many new things and learnt many new perspections of life. Thanks to all my contacts for contributing to my knowledge upgradation.

It was also the year of a major bereavement. Amma left me…… But there too, it was a wonderful end where i could be with her in her last moment.  Now its only the memories and her advice which will keep me going for the rest of my life.

There were nice moments, emotional moments, hilarious moments, sad ones…..But i am happy that i could handle all these with the same practicality.

Looking forward for an  year which will keep me going the same way. An year which will keep all of us healthy, and prosperous. Let’s live each day to its fullest. Lets pray for the well being of everyone. Let’s respect the Almighty in each others soul. Let peace prevail everywhere. Let’s be the BEST companion to our friends, spouse and all those who need us. Let’s look forward for another year end, where we can review and feel contented.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR……

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