my thoughts expressed in words

My teachers

on September 5, 2012


Hmmmm ………whom should I start with…..


My mother… she was a mom less and a strict mam more…But no regrets, I am a nice person today only because of her, You taught me social networking even in those days…


You are one person who TAUGHT me how to be down to earth. Your simple life style still makes me wonder, how it could be possible. Your discipline, is what comes to mind to many when I talk about you…..


You have been my TUTOR  in spreading and sharing ‘unconditional love’ in  its literal sense. How can you be like this pa?

A perfect father for me now, whose shoulders I lean on and get the comfort

Thanks for all that you do for me, specially you did for me a couple of years back.


You have TAUGHT me what is patience, as you are one personified.

Your cooking skills, your deftness in doing the kitchen chores, drying clothes, knitting, crocheting, everything amazes me


You have TAUGHT me commitment, what it is to give a word and keep up to it.

How to switch off  the thoughts that bother you and move on

Though not to perfection I am trying to achieve it….


You both are my BEST TEACHERS

I learnt to accept things as they are

I learnt to count ONLY my blessings

I learnt to be brave

I learnt to hug !

I learnt the power of touch (and needless to say the tears it brings)

I learnt to be rational

I learnt to forgive



I learnt to live in the present

Thanks for making me enjoy every moment of it..


who TAUGHT me hospitality, love, strengthening of mind, moving on after a jerk in life, positivity, utter practicality and many more..

and then the list grows

To my friends, who have TAUGHT  what it is to move ahead as they  have seen some of the worst times in life and still have come back and are living life with full vigour just not only for themselves, and for others, their kids and their loved ones

to my uncle and aunty, who live life to the fullest.

and those people whom i know i can lean on

4 responses to “My teachers

  1. Manasi Pandit says:

    Very nice.

  2. anu,

    I really enjoyed this post of yours.
    Avery good one.


  3. Loved ur post! I wonder if there is any magic in ur words!
    Wishing u & ur Family a very Happy Pongal!

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