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Think, thank and Smile……

on December 4, 2012

Think, thank, and smile…..


It’s a ritual I do everyday…not necessarily at the same time everyday, but definitely once or more than once  in a day..

Sometimes in the bathroom,

Sometimes in the kitchen,

Sometimes when I am sweating out in the treadmill,

Sometimes when I squat on the floor,

Sometimes when I ride my scooty,

Sometimes when I walk vigorously,

I think of those days when I was partially crippled

Crippled physically due to a surgery

I thank  the Almighty for having blessed me with a brain and a heart

to have thought about him and be assured,

I smile at my own faith,  an unflinching faith on HIM   and the grace bestowed on me…


Retrospectively, I feel my being positive has always helped me.


It is in my cells to be positive though my

blood may belong to a negative group !


I could handle stressful situations with minimum discomfort,

I could take others stress and still remain calm,

I could provide solace to them,

I could offer my shoulders any time for them to lean on,

In due course becoming the confidante of many of my friends.


Words of wisdom from a friend made me put my thoughts in writing

And proved writing is therapeutic !!!


I think, thank and smile. 🙂 

13 responses to “Think, thank and Smile……

  1. Balu Mama says:

    You are quite right in staying positive during a crisis. No doubt it is a rare but a good tenet of your character. Keep up this gift of HIM.

  2. almighty blessed you with good brain and heart superb lines after reading got charged myself

  3. It is in my cells to be positive though my

    blood may belong to a negative group !

    Loved these words Sister, keep going!!

  4. creativemau says:

    It is in my cells to be positive though my

    blood may belong to a negative group !
    loved Loved these words !
    the whole !
    May god bless you Anu

  5. Manian says:

    I think you can start counselling. I am reminded of the TV serial : கதையல்ல நிஜம் wherein actress Lakshmi (your favourite) appeared as a counselor. It will be a good avocation for you.

  6. creativemau says:

    You are very special person for me!
    I pray to god to shower his blessings on you !! Be positive and cheerful as always!!

  7. Hey Anu
    Its in your nature to think … thank and smile.. Being non materialistic and simple itself makes one to ponder over the other niceties of life. We all have so much, yet we aspire for more and more .. nothing wrong about this but being caught up in this frenzy is the madness

    I read and read your article several times .. could you email me the text again or on whatsapp .. so that I could share it with others too. ..

    You should get more into writing .. since you appeal to ones heart .. this makes the writing original and interesting .. TC

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