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on December 18, 2012

With a thousand butterflies fluttering in her stomach,

With hope and dreams filling her eyes,

With readiness to get glued to the new relations,

With a lot of admiration at her own level of adjustment for the new god given relationship,

With full faith that life would be beautiful,

With unflinching belief that she has got a lifetime friend in her spouse,

A girl enters the wedlock.

But does life give her all that she wants? Not to all I suppose. Some are blessed with these, while some are not.

Some realize they are blessed and some do not.

All that a girl needs is love, comfort, and little recognition that she is definitely the better half of her man.

The love, which shows care at times of grief.

The comfort when her heart aches,

The recognition when she does her bit in keeping the relationship going,

When she understands her man’s tough times.

She never expects any unrealistic appreciations, but does not want to miss the ones where she is due for it.

She needs a little pat on her back every now and then for carrying on even with her routine ! Who wouldn’t love to hear a word of appreciation just out of the blue ?

She does not want a poem penned on her,

but just wants him to listen to what she says without dismissing her opinions.

She does not expect her to be  the force behind his success, but neither does she like to be blamed for his failures.

She does not mind if she is not  given credit for the nice things that happened in his life after she came, but doesn’t want to be held responsible for the habits, and the upheavals either.

Life is uncertain.

She deserves all the love from her husband, children, near and dear ones.

Lets celebrate womanhood, and not miss to hug such a soul yearning for love !

4 responses to “Womanhood

  1. lateekka says:

    very true…

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