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On 31st December…….

on December 31, 2012

Its fun, its a ritual, its a reminder, its boring for some, some ridicule it, some sincerely adhere to it, some are serious for the first ten days and then give the justification for breaking it,



What ever it is…. new year resolutions have some good aura to it…


Leading newspapers talk about it in the last couple of days of the year… fitness resolutions, diet resolutions, money saving resolutions, and many come up.


I am no different !!!

I wanted to make some resolutions too….

And here they are…



Fitness is one thing that I want to concentrate on..

By God’s  grace,  and my husband giving his blessing, I started on my fitness regime last January  and it did work wonders….

Now, don’t ask me if I lost weight…. I didn’t (and I am still searching for the reason)….

But I did ‘feel’ fit physically and mentally…

The gratification, was achieved in the very first months of my training, and it still persits, till recently as late as last week when I could climb the two hundred and seventy two steps at Lehnyadhri mountains to take the blessing of Ganpati…

So, fitness training is in……


I want to try to be a little more assertive in certain issues.

My submissive nature may not help me. But I want to practice it.

This is not taken just to avenge someone, or at that point of time, when I am hurt,

But just to show myself that I need not feel bad at times.


A little more consistent, as I am labeled, ‘inconsistent’ many times.

Consistency in finishing the assignment I take up…

Be it reading a book

Writing a blog,

Finishing a crochet project,

Or anything that I lay my hands on…..


Learning to “Switch Off” issues that bother me.

Though difficult, I really need to practice it for my own good.

To move on, even after it hurts me deeply.

As I strongly believe in the phrase,




Expectations….The less we expect from life, the less we feel disappointed..

Its ages since I started implementing it in life, but it does pop up every now and then.

So, may be I should consciously execute it.


To be cheerful all the time… I am one, most of the time,

but my mind starts wandering during times of hurt..and I know it is because of my not being assertive at that moment that I need to be..


To self appreciate, periodically, so that I feel good about my contribution to the family, friends and society.


To read a book a month,

to learn a new recipe a week,

to donate on all the important occasions,

are some of the other few things that I would like to be resolute about…


Hope I am steadfast in my resolutions and review them by the end of the year on a positive note.


Wishing you a very happy new year my dear friends.







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