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From the Convalescing state……

on February 24, 2014

downloadThe last time when I went under the knife two consecutive times for a health issue I had blogged when I was convalescing .  I had given the title as ‘Roller coaster ride’

This time again in the convalescing period, I am putting down my thoughts and thought of giving the title of

‘when life is thrown out of gear’

but on second thoughts found the title to be a little exaggerated. For life has indeed had twists and turns, but definitely not to the extent of not being able to set right. Its just like how one feels when one drives on the wrong side of a busy road.

It all happened on the republic day of this January. I set out with my husband and brother to receive a relative at the railway station. On our way we planned to collect something from a shop. we parked the car on the opposite side of the road from the shop.

This is a crucial point of the blog…words almost came up to my throat and was on the verge of coming out…

“you guys go and collect it please. let me stay back in the car”

I wanted to utter these words but then dismissed the thought and stepped out of the car as destiny had its own itinerary and there was no way I would be spared. I have never before tried climbing a one and half foot road divider simply just because I never felt confident to do it and always felt it was wrong from the safety point of view. On the fatal day, I did do what I felt was wrong with some sort of confidence that I never had before. In no time I was on the divider and the next moment I was falling down…Even before I could realize I just heard a sound


but never thought it could be the bone of myforearm. yes when I managed to sit up, my right hand was dangling down from the forearm..the broken bone pierced out of the skin. My hubby with all the presence of mind and courage slid the bone back and I held it from below and rushed to the hospital’s emergency unit .

What followed was painkillers, x-rays, antibiotics, temporary plaster, pricks after pricks, special room, nurses with a sweet smile, IV fluids, later on the next day getting ready for surgery.

I should not miss the small prayer the hospital assistant said before Wheeling me into the theater. It makes a whole lot of a difference to your confidence level. I said my prayers too.Things were set right with fixing of two plates.  I was back to the room and back home in two days with the right arm in a sling and arm pouch.I wonder how things happen in a jiffy.

Even small errands of brushing my teeth, holding a palm full of water to rinse my mouth or wash my face had/ has became an ordeal. I went ahead and cut my long tresses to shoulder length. In spite of all the love and pampering I started feeling ‘dependent ‘ and cursed myself for the stupid act. Neither my love to read books nor the pleasure of listening to music  helped me in overcoming the boredom n the mild unpleasant state of mind that was creeping in. everything was boring and I found my mind taking solace in the self pity…I realized immediately that I cannot allow that to dampen my spirits.

The first to come to my mind was my niece Preethi…Read more about her here:

I shunned all the self pity right then. Then its my dear savitha who is battling with all her might against the monstrous C. If at all someone can crib its these two. when they don’t have even the idea of that, others should not even think of complaining leave alone doing it.

once again I counted the blessings in my life – my own positivity, my family ( my biggest and greatest strength), my huge circle of friends and well wishers

Its ‘you’ and you alone who can control your actions for the mind controls the body.


8 responses to “From the Convalescing state……

  1. rajiganapathy says:

    iduvum kadandu pogum, don’t worry u will come out again with a bang don’t curse yourself and talarndu poga koodadu get well soon

  2. creativemau says:

    I can imagin how you are facing and going thru this pain… Well you take care and get well soon!!!

  3. preethi.s says:

    HI, Anu you always been my huge source of happiness and strenght. Whenever you have spoken with me it use to be like chicken soup for my soul.All our prayers are their for you ,of course you will come with a bang.take care.
    with love

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