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My dance lessons…..

on March 20, 2014

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Oh yes…………you people must be wondering, what the hell happened to me to have joined a dance class. I really havent , but have the feeling of attending one in the past fortnight. I am with my physiotherapist for an hour where i try to twist, fold, straighten, curl, and stretch my right hand – The hand where there are two steel plates …I can hear some of you saying, “steel bodied woman….”

sure…literally i am one now..

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But honestly, a simple gesture as this one is difficult too..The first thing in the morning as to cup your hand and have a handful of water to rinse your mouth is a task. Then comes brushing, sometime back i thought i would be comfortable probably a few months later doing things with my left…yes left…as i had trained my mind to do so. But eventually when i was out of the sling, i shifted back to my right hand routine. I am yet to hold that handful of water…

combing my hair is difficult as i have to comb the right side too with the left hand..shampooing too calls for the same action. For once i am happy that my hair is short !!!

every action in the day makes me consciously contemplate, how important is every inch of our body that we otherwise dont take note of.

I dedicate this article to my physiotherapist Dr. Savita kshirsagar…. a strict physiotherapist, a good friwnd, a warm person.


Now regardless of an injury or illness, we need to work our joints regularly before its too late. my dance class has maximum number of people coming with the frozen shoulder complaint. Yesterday my dance teacher ! nicely explained how we don”t attend to the mild pain that starts, ignoring it initially for a few weeks, by applying oil or having self medicated pain killers, then a couple of weeks with prescribed painkillers from the doctor, then our work, or family issues taking priority for another week or two, and how by the time the shoulder joint becomes immobile. Then we are directed to a physiotherapist and we join the dance class…

Here too, we are good students in front of the teacher. We are not punctual in doing our homework, and hence end up having more classes than required. We also don”t miss to complain about the time taken by the physiotherapist to “cure” us….Sometimes a “not so great” certificate is thrown on the physiotherapist.

We need to take our problem into consideration and the guidance offered by the PT to find a cure for ourselves.

(PT -physiotherapist – not that you cannot decipher PT but recently came to know that there are OT -Occupational therapist too who claim to be PTs )

Our PT cannot be with us throughout the day to get the exercises done and magically make us gain our flexibility. Its very important that we do it once or twice again before we see them the next day. Its after all our health our pain our discomfort that needs to be attended.

So, any joint pain in your body please don’t ignore and take medical assistance at the earliest to avoid severe pain and discomfort…

Now….off i am to my dance class for the day and soooothing wax treatment for the sore hand…..

happy dancing !!!!images

2 responses to “My dance lessons…..

  1. Wonderful ! Indeed my dad need this article right now. He left his knee pain carelessly. Now the real thing starts….excruciating!!!

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