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think, thank and smile ………..Part II

on April 8, 2014

not just million copies bestselling authors  have sequels to their works, even i have one!!!    stock-vector-happy-woman-smiling-and-making-a-gesture-pointing-her-smile-and-teeth-143690512
yes its time again to think thank and smile.

yes i can write this only after writing two posts on how the incident happened,

and how i am recovering… Though i haven’t fully recovered physically, i am mentally fit enough to think,thank and smile….hence this post today….

think’ part really sends goosebumps allover and some times makes me melancholic  for the next twenty four hours…

but “thinking ‘ at regular intervals , as always make me strong,confident, grateful, hopeful, and what not…. strong.…strong enough to take one more health set back. strong enough to feel, and to say, “Oh i have undergone this a couple of times earlier.. .like i told to the general physician who started explaining to me the procedure and i interrupted to say… “Doctor this is my fifth surgery”… he was smiling…….


confident.…….that by almighty’s grace I once again landed in the hands of the best doctor.

confident that i will be back to normalcy in due course.


confident that i am given the best attention and care.and believe me i was proved right again.

My Orthopaedic, Dr.Sachin Bhonsale seems to be a master crafter. With his pleasant smile which speaks a ton, [ as he seems to be a man of few words], he was deft in his work. Within three weeks of time i was out of my plaster and sling… I cherished the liberty of being able to move my limbs then. A few more visits, and I am back to my passion with all the enthusiasm. I thanked my stars again for being placed in the best hands. I dont mean to say other doctors are bad. Please don’t read between the lines.. I am just talking about me and my experience.

grateful …that i am blessed with the Best family,[the oldest being my grandma…whose voice message in whats app sent by my daughter is my daily pill of strength…..] who support me every doctor and nursestime. and also lots of friends and well wishers, who called, visited and sent messages wishing me speedy recovery. Prayers are so powerful is what i realized for the nth time.


hopeful…….that this is the last mishap in my tenure on earth!!!!!! and if it is not …i am hopeful i will have the same mental strength to stride through the forthcoming one with the same set of blessings, wishes, prayers and support…

2 responses to “think, thank and smile ………..Part II

  1. Prabha Chakravarthy says:

    Thank you Anu, for your wonderful blog! I went back to read a couple of your older blogs too and your words lifted my spirits! I was feeling lonely, depressed and tired but now i feel refreshed! May the Lord bless you and your family with all the very best in life! lots of love, Prabha

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