my thoughts expressed in words

Death and me….

Is it fortitude or  am i emotionless?
Why doesn’t my eyes well up?
Why doesn’t my stomach churn and knot
Why do i simply awe at the uncertainity of life and move ahead?
How can i take it so light?
How can i just brush it aside right away as

‘Its part of life’

Have i becone stone hearted?
If so, from when ?
Is it because i was exposed to the realities of life from childhood?
Is it because i didn’t have a sibling who would wipe my tears
Is it because i learned to pick up myself and walk
Is it because i dont miss to take lessons from others who have faced much more severe calamities
Is it that i pride in my abilities to handle?
Is it just because i have understood the truth that the soul is different from the body?
Does having a detached attachment aide in my being this way
Is it because death doesn’t scare me


Is it coincidence or God’s will
that i am present at all adverse moments to take charge of the situation?

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