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Our time

on December 14, 2014

Life is at top gear in 30’s and in mid 40’s I  suddenly feel I have more time. Children are in  college and would like to have their time with their friends. Husband concentrates in his career shaping. I am busy crochetting and reading books and gardening a little. I am happy that I am enjoying what I am doing as my job of being a homemaker was by choice. No regrets about it.
My friend and me decide to spend some time together. We plan and she lands at my place. A place new to her. A culture new to her. A cuisine new to her. But she enjoys the week long stay. Not that we kept roaming everyday. After a couple of visits to the nearby temples and other places, we just stayed at home listening to our favourite melodies, crochetting, gossiping and exchanging recipes.
A week was enough to rejuvenate ourselves.
we realized the importance of ‘my time’. I now feel happy…not that I wasn’t earlier. I know I can recharge myself In my own way, my own style.





5 responses to “Our time

  1. prabha says:

    Truly happy for you and your friend. Wish you many more such happy hours of me time. Lovely crocheted baby jackets! carry on, making many more! Love Prabha

  2. Shreevidhya says:

    Nice to know that you had a great time!! Wishing you more such times ahead đŸ™‚ Njoi!!

  3. creativemau says:

    Well written!
    Particularly about realising the importance of time, not that we were not aware but still…
    Thanks for everything Anu
    Love you and Hugs !!

  4. creativemau says:

    Well written!!
    You have wonderful quality for expressing your feelings thru the words..
    Loved the time spent with you !! Hoping to see you at my place in near future!!
    Love you and hugs dear

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