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Home alone

on December 15, 2014


How true… loneliness ..or to be alone is not a punishment or curse always.
I like my ‘being alone’ time. It gives me time to do my work in my order of preference than the order set by someone else for me.
I am aware I need to fold the clothes heaped on the sofa, but it can wait for ten minutes till I satisfy my urge to do a line or two of the ongoing crochet project.
I drag my chair near the cot and settle there with a book, so that once in a while I stare out of the window to look at the sky and the emptiness in front of me.
There are many thoughts which run through my mind at this moment..its like a chain ..I suddenly realize where I have reached from the first thought that spurred up.
I love to go from room to room just looking around not at anything particular..does it sound weird ?
But this is also time to contemplate on how I should let go, and how difficult it is to execute that. The hurt sometimes is bad enough that even though I superficially let go it, it does lie deep down. I realize I haven’t yet mastered the art of letting go fully. I can only be away from situations and people (where I can)
I am after all an average human being
I love most to sit down and sip coffee accompanied with some crunchies and just mentally plan a menu for dinner and check how I can keep cooking to the minimum yet delicious !!
The time I go for a walk is undoubtedly the best but I enjoy the loneliness I get during the day too.
An hour before my daughter reaches home is the sweetest as I see ‘my time’ slowly transforming to ‘our time’
Love you all…
Do love ‘your’ time

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