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Krishna …..guruvayoorappa

on March 20, 2016

After 12 long years i reach guruvayoor to fulfill a vow that i made 5 years back.
I strongly feel i must have lived here in my last birth. What makes me say that, i really don’t know. But I don’t feel alien is what i feel.
Five years back when i had to visit the OT twice in a span of three months, i prayed to Lord Guruvayporappan to put me back on my feet asap and that i will offer ‘kalkandu’or ‘ kadi shakkar’ equal to my weight..
The ‘sweet’ krishna answered my prayers and here i am at his sannithanam to keep up my word.

Through a person who could arrange for darshan i blissfully savoured my krishna. Tears were uncontrollable.
Why cry when you see Lord…?
Its not ‘crying’…
Its emotion, gratitude which is expressed in the language known to the god and the bhakta.
When you feel his presence in your life you are bound to shed tears.
The sanctum sanctorum is lit only with oil lamps. The sandal decoration…and the small baby krishna with a flute robs your heart.
In a relaxed manner we come in circumambulation
Get prasadam, and with contentment in heart wait in a line for offering thulabharam.
I am made to sit on one side of the weighing scale and kalkandu is kept on the other. I join my hands and sit and close my eyes and express my heartfelt thanks for doing that as my small offering.
The staff do the needful and instruct me
“Pray and get up”
Yes …i pray and finish the ritual.
Someone else takes turn and takes us for darshan again.
Thats bonus….!!!
When will you call me again krishna???



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