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Me, myself …

on August 27, 2016

Its a month since my younger one started on a  new academic journey,f first local train travel to a far off place, new methods of teaching, all at the same time. The mother in me  victoriously  remained calm with things falling in place gradually. She is into her routine running at that pace in which the world expects her to…

The older one left the continent to pursue her dream. With technology and gizmos in our fingertips i really don’t miss her and lament her absence in all the day to day happenings. 

Life is like that. Stagnation does not take you anywhere.

but the fact is that i am also into a new phase. With the older one away and the younger one away for almost 12 hours in a day, a husband who too is always away for more than 12 hours, parents in law who stick to their routine and their work, its me who is left with more time and very less work to do. A true gemini , its next to impossible to put myself in a fixed routine day in and day out. But it’s the colourful yarn which gives me company in my solitude.

Its a spa where I like to be everyday.

Happy me!

What do you people do at this stage of life.?

2 responses to “Me, myself …

  1. KBS.MANIAN says:

    We quite understand your feelings of being left in solitude for major part of the day. But you should be content with your engagement with knitting and reading books to while away the boredom. We have felt it initially when Anand went to Aus for studies. Though our hearts long to be united with them circumstances prevailing here keeps us stay put. However, await an opportunity to be with them atleast for couple of months for mutual happiness.

  2. Shyama says:

    Well written and so true for so many of us .. (of a certain age). Its great that you have found a hobby that keeps you occupied and also keeps you happy. Kudos and keep up the great work 🙂

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