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Love unconditionally

on February 22, 2017

When somebody showers their love on you , suffocates you with their unconditional love, how do you feel?

I have started experiencing this lately. Being a single child to parents who had a wiiiiiiiiide circle of friends, i always was surrounded by people. So I like it that way. Inheriting their genes of making friends i have my circle too. So clinging to people is not a task for me. I work like a magnet probably and just go and get stuck to them. !!😊

A family has adopted me recently ….

I am pampered to the core when I am there. Right from waiting outside the house when i land in their city, expecting my arrival at the door step, to adding some crispy mixture  to the hot bisibelebath, to taking the empty coffee mug from me, to driving to important food joints, to buy a thing which i would have wished sometime, to just go gaga over what I say….isn’t that how daughters are pampered. 

I have a mother who hugs so beautifully a father who touches my head and blesses, a sister who is so loving, a brother who plays pranks and utters ‘didi‘ a hundred times amidst his roaring laughter , a sis in law who motivates me, peps me up, communicates inspite of the busy schedule, always has time to hear me, sends those ready made nutrition powders 

 last but not least a nephew who is tall and huge and can fold this aunt and keep in his pocket!!!👍

I have a few people in life who really mean it when they say 

“I am there for you need not say you don’t have siblings”

But saying and being are two different things 

I value the ones who are with me in the true sense..

Its not about the gifts they buy for me, or their words of appreciation , its all about being one among them in their family. 

As i am writing i get a call from my ‘bro‘ !!!! And i am zapped. …..And we also discuss and laugh at how my phone picks up his number and auto dials many a times !!

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