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Little bird leaves too…🐤🕊️

Seven months after the nest became a little empty with the older one leaving home, the nest again becomes almost empty with the younger one moving out too. 

Though not out of the city, to be away from home 6 days a week !!

I pick up my crochet needle and yarn to hook  early in the morning . I am with the younger one for few days settling her down to the new life, new routine. 

I sit hooking in the living room as i hear the clinging of the vessels and tap water running. The mommy in me wants to see what my baby is doing in the kitchen when “I am there around “😊. But I sit firmly glued to the new sofa. 

Let her learn ..i repeat to myself. As expected the milk boils and spills in a split second , she tells me she was ‘just’ looking at the newspaper!!(happens)!!!

She comes with a steaming cup of coffee, aromatic, frothy one which i relish and don’t forget to compliment….

“Its better than yesterday isn’t it mamma ” 😊 she says…

“Oh honey…it surely is” 👌

She drops the coffee mugs in the sink and washes them and few other utensils…

They do it when need arises… 

Its we the adults who hamper them many a times. 

As a child of working parents, i was brought up to be fiercely independent, so don’t find it a big task to let the kids do it by themselves. 

After all, if you want your kids to soar high, you need to give them space to take off…


Mithran the miracle.

Me and hubby set out for a long walk last Sunday morning. Residing a road parallel to the highway, in five minutes time we hit the highway and started walking . 

Just 200 metres we walked  and this soul started walking along with us. A roadside dog, i thought he will walk a few yards and then go back or stand where he is …he was three legged and that swept my heart away. Not a great pet lover, as i feel it’s more a responsibility than a status symbol, i was admonishing ny husband who was talking to the dog promising to buy biscuits. At one stage i told him to stop calling him to follow us as it ached to see him limp. 

He had very beautiful eyes, and the expression they wore is something I am unable to comprehend. 

What was he trying to say …?

Why did he look at me like that?

Why did I choke when i patted him and asked him if he was abondoned because he had a physical disability ?

Why did I quickly decide to take him home when all these days i have been reluctant?

I dont have answers for any of the above. …but I know my heart reached out to him . 

I am given to understand, that they usually don’t go beyond their territory. Neither are they welcomed in the other . But here mithran, was never ever rudely attacked by other stray dogs all through the way. They used to bark a couple of times and go back once he turned and snarled at them 

We reached quite a distance and stopped to buy some.biscuits for him. He quenched his thirst too in the bucketful of water outside the shop. Had almost the full pack of biscuits and started following us again. 

All the way people were looking at us assuming we are the owners of mithran !!!

Since we were heading to a temple, and we were almost there and as my husband felt there would be many dogs near the temple, we tried to put him in an auto rickshaw and take him up to the temple straight away so that he can escape the wrath of the bullies. 

He refused to get into the vehicle and we walked again . Once in the temple premises, he wanted to enter the temple too which was prohibited of course . So like a super mom i waited outside with him and my husband finished his darshan and came out and played the role of a super dad and I went for darshan !!!😊

Once we finished the darshan we tried to get him into the vehicle once again, by then making up our minds for sure to adopt him and bring him home. I was constantly updating my daughters who were also ready to accept him. 

But our efforts were in vain. He refused to be in the vehicle even for a minute even after forcibly shifting him inside. We left him near the temple and returned. 

Husband took the car and went again to retrieve him. But he was to be found nowhere . 

but never did we even imagine in our wildest dreams he is going to walk all the 6 kilometres with us….yes 6 long kilometres and that too limping its way.