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Little bird leaves too…🐤🕊️

on March 23, 2017

Seven months after the nest became a little empty with the older one leaving home, the nest again becomes almost empty with the younger one moving out too. 

Though not out of the city, to be away from home 6 days a week !!

I pick up my crochet needle and yarn to hook  early in the morning . I am with the younger one for few days settling her down to the new life, new routine. 

I sit hooking in the living room as i hear the clinging of the vessels and tap water running. The mommy in me wants to see what my baby is doing in the kitchen when “I am there around “😊. But I sit firmly glued to the new sofa. 

Let her learn ..i repeat to myself. As expected the milk boils and spills in a split second , she tells me she was ‘just’ looking at the newspaper!!(happens)!!!

She comes with a steaming cup of coffee, aromatic, frothy one which i relish and don’t forget to compliment….

“Its better than yesterday isn’t it mamma ” 😊 she says…

“Oh honey…it surely is” 👌

She drops the coffee mugs in the sink and washes them and few other utensils…

They do it when need arises… 

Its we the adults who hamper them many a times. 

As a child of working parents, i was brought up to be fiercely independent, so don’t find it a big task to let the kids do it by themselves. 

After all, if you want your kids to soar high, you need to give them space to take off…

3 responses to “Little bird leaves too…🐤🕊️

  1. Supriya says:

    Your post really touched me… how often I tell the kids to clear up after themselves and wash up too… but mostly it doesn’t work. But they do learn, don’t they? Maybe you are right about us parents hampering their growth. For now, I’ll enjoy a few more years of being needed. 🙂

    • anusrini says:

      Oh ya…that does not mean that you should never allow them to do anything for you. Its needed once in a while for us too to be pampered. Happy motherhood and happy parenting
      Thanks for the comment …

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