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Crochet reminder!!!

on April 11, 2017

Ripple ….My alltime favourite pattern in crochet. I really don’t get bored by repeatedly doing this. This time it’s a bigger ripple. To fit the double bed…🤣

So goes without saying that there are going to be a couple of times that I may have to rip a line or two if I make mistakes, lose count etc…I do it very carefully..

When I told hubby dearest that after finishing a line, I realized by the end of the second line that there is a mistake in the previous one and I will have to rip it to set it right , he saluted me for the patience. 

My reply was , but the end product is going to be beautiful isn’t it…So I need to do the ripping ….

That moment this blog post took birth

Isn’t that the same in life?

When talking to a friend , I said, 

Some relations are like our crochet projects. We need to rip ourselves apart if we need to have a lovely long lasting relationship!!!!

Now I bet you can’t identify that extra stitch that caused some disruption…I mended. (That stitches still there.) I mend/bend now a days only if it’s necessary. I have learnt to ignore that one stitch if it’s not going to create a hole. 


Rip yourself only for those relationships that are worthy. The blogger and the blog post will not be responsible for any crater created in your ❤️!!!!

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