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Amber alert 🚨 ğŸš¨ğŸš¨

on March 10, 2018

That alert sound calls your attention wherever and what ever you are doing. Your phone is auto activated for this service here in the US. The first time it blared I was watching Tv and didn’t know what to do. Was searching for some sort of STOP button to put off the sound but couldn’t and eventually it stopped.

When asked my daughter about it she said

Oh yes Amma, it sends these alert messages when there is some untoward incident happening around. I will put it on silent for you !!!

Frankly I was awed at the service.

That way there are so many things here to “awe” at !

That’s when my blogger mind started thinking 🤔

What if there was an amber 🚨 facility in our body???

But it should truly alert us instead of telling

us such and such a thing just happened.

And since it’s an “alert”… we need it only for the flop side of issues.

Right from the time we pass out of formal education

We should have an amber 🚨 for:

Bad day with boss

Bad time with colleagues

Getting a pink slip

Bad times that are short and longer

Now given my nature , I am not able to think of too many flop points. So to my convenience I will use it for the flip side and bright side of life

Oh my my …. how will it sound /feel when there is an amber 🚨 to tell you

  1. Hey you did it …. your exam results are out and you got a distinction!
  2. You landed yourself in this coveted job!
  3. Your first pay check is due today !
  4. The love of your life is this !👨🏻/👩🏻(as a parent wish I can see this )
  5. Hey your dream home will be built here !
  6. Your kids !!!
  7. Your contribution to society is this well done 👍
  8. You will live life to the fullest and live in the moment !
  9. You are capable of handling all situations . Come on chin up !!!!
  10. Last but not the least it should blare: THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Isn’t that fascinating?

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