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on August 18, 2018

How many years to finish her studies?

How many daughters?

Will you be staying with her or going back ?

Whats their dad doing and if he is also traveling with you now?

“Uffffff…take a breath aunty ”

I wanted to say to that aunty who was waiting outside the loo in the aircraft. Just few minutes and we have people amongst us to dig all that is deep inside us. Shooting questions at jet speed

when will we stop intruding and poking our noses into strangers lives?

When will we learn its bad manners to shoot out so many questions when we don’t even know the person.

Everything is bad manners, questions, glaring looks, poking the person next to you to show something, repeatedly turning around and looking at some one, questioning like the above said aunty…

People need to remind themselves that they are not given the liberty to do all these.

Its bad manners in which ever part of the world you are.

Instead just smile and look away.

Tell your mind that is getting inquisitive that its none of your business to even look at a stranger from head to toe.

Behave well and spread joy and do not become a pain in the _____

Yes … for those who are wondering if i am angry.. yes i am for i am sick of these type of people

2 responses to “Manners

  1. ranjani135 says:

    Wherever you go there are people who ask you a million questions. You can do nothing about them.
    Educated, uneducated all are like this.No point in getting angry with them. If someone troubles me I tell them on their face, ‘I am not interested!’.
    It saves my BP also.

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