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The lotus leaf trait

on November 7, 2018

We all know that the lotus leaf is hydrophobic.

Its water repellent. The wax like substance that covers the leaf makes it so.

An incident occurred last night.. a very insignificant one may be, but strong enough to put me off for few hours and make my head bang at the middle of the night, and make me be up early in the morning. But i woke up with a determination to shake it off my mind by writing this post , ranting once and for all and then shut the doors on the issue.

This is the first step to achieve the lotus leaf state

Let someone else’s words or action which comes in contact with us roll off from us and in the process clear off some other dirt too along with it

My usual response at such times would be to chew and chew it endlessly and feel annoyed initially and then feel sympathetic to myself, then in the wake of it listen to a few audios or watch a few videos of BK Shivani, jaggi vasudev or for that matter anybody who speaks about how to remain calm when something unpleasant happens…

But not this time …

come on … its ME and ME ALONE who has the reigns to my mind. I don’t disrespect any of the above life coaches. They do coach, inspire but its in our hands to implement. Its time to do that. Having taken the essence of all those techniques we have heard and seen, there needs to be a day we start implementing. I did it effectively and efficiently today.

Had a nasty headache at the middle of the night due to resentment. Auto suggested to myself at that moment that its not going to be healthy for my mind soul and body. Shut the headache as well as the cause for the headache right away… yes right away… no ifs and buts …and chanted rama nama to catch up with the distorted sleep. Achieved it in no time. Woke up at 4.15. The headache was gone but the thought of what happened the last night lingered. It was time to drive it away. Sat on the bed and did all the morning spiritual rituals and reconditioned my mind that i am not going to give a damn about ‘that incident’

Yes its here that we have to give strict instructions to our mind not to dwell in self pity and think over it again and again.

Step 1: consciously stop thinking about it

Step2: Stop discussing it with anyone. My usual action is to call up my daughters and pour my heart out. This way i live in the incident that many number of times that i talk.

Step3: no harm in venting out once. Just once to some one very close and then wrap it up. Its ok in the initial stages till we achieve mastery and not to talk even to one person.

Just know that worrying and analyzing it over and over does not do any good to your soul and body

I am in the process of achieving the ‘ superhydrophobic effect’

I can do it

You can do it too…

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