my thoughts expressed in words


on January 1, 2019

Beyond the new year personal wishes, forwards, GIFs, memes there is one thing that always lingers in the air even couple of days before the Gregorian year starts.


The commonest of one quote being

Resolutions -they are made to break!

Over the years I tried to make resolutions too and did fall prey to the breaking of it. Then I realized it does not work that way. We all have our own style of making and breaking resolutions. Some are disciplined to adhere.

So my 2019 resolution is to not make one and then feel bad about not being able to stick to it. But there are a few in my mind of which the world need not know.

2018 was fantastic. A mile stone year for me. Some best acquaintances made. Learning many things from the next generation which i consider is a blessing. Travel experiences were good. I became much more stronger and emotionally stable. Calm prevails on account of that.

Thanks to all who made my 2018 a good year.

Best wishes for a much more wonderful 2019.

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