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The Miracle called TIRUMALA…..

on January 14, 2019

IMG_0165TIRUMALA … the abode of Balaji / Srinivasa perumal/ venkatesa / govinda as each one of us fondly address is up on the hills. While Tirupati is what we commonly refer, the temple up the hill is generally referred to as TIRUMALA.

While I have a few anecdotes of the past, this visit which happened on the 5th February , is what i am sharing with all here.

Before going into the details, one must remember a vow made is made when it comes to perumal especially here at tirumala. Whether you intentionally vow, or by chance say something (as me and my daughter did), it is to be fulfilled. Willingness to fulfill is alone at your disposal. Getting it done is in HIS hands. The time, the method, everything rests with HIM.

So back to the story, around three years back, when a friend said he is planning to walk up the hills of tirumala, I immediately announced, I shall join him when he goes and upon my saying my older one too said she will join too.

SO THE VOW WAS MADE ( I truly believe HE sits on your tongue to say this ) !!!

Days and months and years passed by and we visited tirumala three times but couldn’t plan out walking up the hill for various reasons.

And me being an easy going person, had enormous faith that it will happen one day at HIS will and hence did not feel guilty about not executing on those trips.

Recently i took up a japa marathon. Yes to chant a particular nama one lakh times.

GOVINDA GOVINDA GOVINDA is what i chanted . We have a metal wall hanging of bust size at home of venky(as we fondly call HIM) .. or ‘hasmukh ‘ as the idol has the most alluring smile !!! Sitting in the sofa and looking at the wall hanging i always used to chant the nama. For some strange reason, a yellow dress which i had new used to be in my visualization. Then i decided i will inaugurate that dress the day i walk up to tirumala.

Creative visualization is one that comes as easy as breathing to me. But without being aware of the term i have been practicing for ages I believe.

If you havent read The Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain please do. I resonated very well with the content. You may too.

again, back to the story, I visualized myself wearing that particular yellow dress and climbing with two of my most loving people, and shooting the video to speak to my instagram family. So we took off for tirupathi, and reached the foot of the hill at 8.30 and were still discussing which of the two paths to take. we were making calls to friends for suggestions, tips and advices. Least did I realize its all HIS will. By 9 we were summoned by Balaji at the Srivari Mettu which means Srivari Steps. It has only steps to climb. 2388 of them. Distance is 2.1 km.

So i was there near the board which gave the above details and did my video recording. Started climbing at 9am and reached up the hill at 11.30 chanting  Govinda Govinda all the way…(it came up to a total of 5K)IMG_0187

Enroute there are fruit vendors, sodas with lime juice, bhel walas and water taps to fill our bottles. Just that the public need to be more cautious about littering the place. Self discipline is at its low. When i was resting in one of the steps a teenager girl in front of me had something to eat and just threw the plastic cover behind her. I nodded in desperation and she noticed and said sorry and said “next time” . Don’t know what came upon her, the next minute  she got up and picked the plastic cover and threw in the nearby dustbin.

now it was my duty to thank her. Felt good in being a responsible citizen.

mid way of the two thousand odd steps they have a counter, where they take your thumb impression and issue a ticket for darshan, We got ours allotted at 7pm. we relaxed mentally and then slowly climbed the other half and took rest in the room that we had booked and then went for darshan.

IMG_0211we did it with ease by HIS grace.

MORAL OF THE STORY: As HE has said, HE is there to take care of us.

MAAM EKAM SHARANAM VRAJA  is what HE says… Hold on only to my feet and i shall protect.

I did, I do




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