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Life lessons from a Pencil ✏️!!

on September 28, 2019

The menace called whats app – this is what I penned couple of days back in Tamizh, expressing my anguish at how of late I find it a nuisance. The endless forwards and group additions and misinterpretations that comes along with it is annoying. But we are prolly at a stage, its inevitable too. As its always, the good side of it is one gets a good forward too at times.

One such forward was in Kannada and by Almighty’s grace I could understand 90% of it. Since the content was extremely motivating, I am making an attempt to translate it here in English and also in Tamizh.

These messages somehow find their way when you most need them. Is this called the cosmic message or the universe answering your queries ?

The speaker narrates it in the form a story- a conversation between two pencils. Yes, pencils ✏️

There is a small pencil, which is worn out and used inside a pencil box. There comes a new pencil, bright, fresh, sturdy and energetic. The old pencil welcomes the new one and says, I have a few tips for you. I am ready to share my two cents of life experiences with you.

First point is that, you are not capable of doing anything on your own. Only when somebody takes you in his hand you can do things.

Second point is much more important. That is , the lead inside is much more significant than the wood outside. It is the quality of lead which matters than the quality of wood.

Thirdly, they will sharpen you at regular intervals. When do they sharpen you? Every time you become blunt, you will be sharpened.

Fourth point is you will make mistakes. Don’t fret. There is a rubber at your end, use it to rub and rewrite. Every time you make a mistake, rub and rewrite.

These have a significant relation with our life too. We need to remember these points and the cause for all our worries and anxieties is only when we forget these points. ,

“I am not alone. Paramathma is with me “. HE in his benevolence, takes me in his hands and makes me do things. I am just an instrument in HIS hands. In chapter 11, verse 33, Krishna says, to Arjuna, that the opponents are already slain by HIM , and Arjuna is just an instrument to accomplish- ( nimitha maathram ) what HE had already decided – Hastinapura should be ruled by the righteous.

Once the war was over Aruja felt it is he who killed many of the rivals. Bheema felt it is he who killed more rivals than Arjuna. So Krishna takes them both to the battle field and seeing Ghatothgaja’s son Barbareeka there asks him, if he saw Arjuna’s arrows slaying rivals more or Bheema’s mace. He replies it was neither the arrows nor the mace but Krishna’s Chakra which he saw spinning all around the battle field slaying the rivals. Our life friends, is also similar. We need to remove the I factor from our life. It is HE who makes us do. We are an instrument in HIS HANDS. Rama nama or Shiva nama is chanted to remind us of this. To remind us that its HE is the one behind our actions.

Our sukha(happiness) – dukhkha(sadness)

Labha(gain) – nashta(loss)


Maana(fame) -apamanaana(disgrace)

All keeps happening according to HIS wishes. Then what is my role? I am HIS servant. HE is my Boss. If we remember this there is no place for Ahankaraa( Arrogance) and the absence of ahankara makes us humble. This is the first lesson.

nAnu nannadu yemba naraka dolage biddu
nEne gathi yendu nambida dAsana mEle

This is from a Purandara Dasa krithi that I have listened umpteen times in this week.Being in the US now, and having hours and hours of leisure time at my disposal, I spend them fruitfully in listen to upanyasams. One such by Dushyanth Sridhar, has a mention of this above krithi It conveys the same message.

Dasar says ” I have drowned myself in hell, by giving importance to I, ME etc, but you are my ultimate saviour, please have mercy on this dasa!!! ”

What powerful lyrics !!!

The second lesson talks about external and internal status. Its not what you wear, you eat and how much property and luxuries you posses in life, which determines you. Its your inner peace which is your identity. What is the use of all the wealth and fame and luxury if there is no peace within you. When will you get such peace? Only when you surrender. Even extensive rituals, lavish expenditures towards them will not guarantee peace. Money cannot buy peace. Money can buy medicines but not good health. Its only Sadhana(practise) of realizing the Omnipotent’s role in your life, which will make you realize peace. Your success is measured by your peace. You are a pauper if you are not peaceful at heart inspite of thw material wealth you possess.

The third lesson is you are tested at regular intervals. Be ready !!

WHY ME ? – The most frequent question in everyone’s lips.

You will fall sick

You will face losses

You will cry

“I am too good a person, I do this, I do that, How can I be tested , ” – one cannot ask this question.

Rama in HIS avatara had to go on exile

Krishna in HIS avatara was born in the prison

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, an exponent in spiritual life was afflicted with Cancer. No one soul is spared from dukha.

Only two people are spared from this – one who is yet to be born and the one who is already dead! As long the oceans and mountains and rivers are there sufferings will be there. What should we do? Just be ready. Sukha and dukha take turns and keep surfacing in our life. To be ready and face them is the solution. Swami Vivekananda was once encountered by bunch of aggressive monkeys in the streets of Kashi. He stared at them with determination in mind and no fear and they retraced their way. keep walking in life. There is no way to escape your Prarabhdha karma

Lastly, to err is human. Correct yourself. Forgive others. We feel strongly to be forgiven if we are wrong, but don’t easily forgive! Mistakes are bound to happen. Rub them off, correct yourself and keep going.

Dear friend, though the post is long, I have a satisfaction of sharing such valuable tips on life. May Krishna give you enormous strength to keep walking in life, with utmost peace.






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