my thoughts expressed in words

Lunch box

on December 24, 2021

Today as I pack this lunch for you, I smile with gratitude that I was able to nourish your body and soul all these years with my cooking. Though initially, when we got married, I only packed, in the last decade plus few years, I have been cooking and packing too. It was a fulfilling chore that I did on all days. I used to fee bad when on some days you used to return without having, and opted to eat out! But even on those days, you were kind enough to say that you will have the same food for dinner.

In all my ability I think I cooked food that you liked, and relished. It was a joyful activity planning and executing the dubba! And that eternal question by me and amma – Nalaikki dubba unda? 🤣🤣

We are winding up today one era of your career with truck loads of gratitude in heart towards Almighty.

May you realize all your goals, and stay healthy and happy and may I be blessed to join you in future and pack more and more nourishing lunches.

All the very best! Husband dearest

With pots of love !!! —anoo

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