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Aishu Birthday 2022

on October 20, 2022

Oct 1994
This brat was almost 3 years. Chirpy, active, fussy about food, could identify Bactrian camel from her big book of animals even an year before that, vaayaadi( talkative), loved shaking a leg to all tunes, had started nursery school. This corduroy pants and knitted sweater tops were a gift from my brother and his wife who came down for their marriage. Needless to say it was my favorite dress of hers. The pant was long, but folded at the bottom and made to wear. This pic was clicked by my brother at our aunt’s house. Look at the way she is holding my hand and leaning on me. I do it to her now. We then travelled by van to Guruvayoor for the wedding. Through out the journey she fussed so much to eat anything. Elders in the family were bringing their pressure on me about her starving and I was confused and clueless.
Little did we realize that she will grow up and earn degrees where she would be counseling people ‘to eat’ 😂
Me appa and shriya are your pillar of strength!

walkdownthememorylane #aishuanecdotes #ammavumaishuvum #aishualaparaigal😂


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