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Idukkiyum pidi thuniyum

on March 12, 2023

Idukkiyum pidi thuniyum
(Pakad and pochaa) is that what a handtowel is called? Not sure.

Here you see my idukki. Clean without the milk or sambhar residue in its tips because i am obsessed sort of to show it under running water as soon as its put to use. Why so? Coz, I have grown up seeing my amma wash it rightaway with the water from a chombu( because our Mylapore house didn’t have a sink and tap then) and also my amma(mamiyaar here) too used to wash it immediately. So this too is genetic. I know many many women who hold milk vessel or sambhar vessel with the idukki and then just leave it like that. It would dry up and then is eventually tossed into the sink for the maid to wash. I don’t toss my idukki, mixie jars, spoons and forks and knives to the maid.

Next comes my pidi thuni aka hand towel.
Nightie la kaiyya thodakkaadhey….just a few times when I did ar home theee decades back. I hear amma’s voice when I see others doing it. Those ugly patches of repeatedly doing it are not a pleasant sight.
Now some may 😏😏
When we are rushing to work and cooking where do we have the time to scramble for a hand towel?
Its a matter of habit dear sisters..
No more discussion on that!😊
I belong to team pidi thuni. No clenching the wet hands in the nightie and creating a patch of wetness on both the sides. I can’t work without the thuni. And invariably when I finish cooking it will be totally damp. So i put it for washing and take another fresh one.

Recently I saw a video I don’t remember where, youngsters discussing how their mothers get agitated at using the hand towel in place of duster cloth and vice versa. It didn’t matter to them and it was understood seeing how they were laughing at it. But to me a duster / mop cloth is definitely for that purpose and the hand towel for its. It cannot be swapped for whatever reason.
Aiyayo indha thuni ya pottu thodakkadhe idhu pidi thuni 🤷‍♀️
Adarama idhaalayaa thodacha idhu keezha thodaikkara thuni na🙆🏻‍♀️
Are oft repeated statements at homes like ours though in our house all are well aware of the difference 😜

Beyond all this its matter of hygiene. All our practices had that as base. So lets stay clean.


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