my thoughts expressed in words


on March 12, 2023

The metamorphosis from Caterpillar to a moth or butterfly is miraculous. The process is painful but its worthy. No pain, no gain. This click when wind blew while shooting yesterday which made me look like a moth reminded me the metamorphosis I have gone through.
🦋The change in me to put the hurt, pain, insult and all unpleasant things in life behind and after pretty gruesome self analysis the metamorphosis that happened.

🦋That doesn’t mean the insults, and pain have been erased. Its just the choice I made to bury them deep down and bid them RIP.

🦋With age and maturity comes the wisdom to brush aside these things only to look at the larger picture – MY PEACE OF MIND – a self care routine!

🦋To accept and know that YOU and ONLY YOU can and should stand up for YOURSELF.

🦋The fact – bitter or sweet that you always and necessarily don’t end looking a beautiful butterfly, but being a strong one matters.

🦋The acceptance that the metamorphosis happened/is happening or will happen some day and being prepared for the same with open mind.

🦋The reality that the oaths I took on an emotional scenario in the past no longer holds the severity of that day and I have walked miles and miles after that and have made a conscious choice to leave them behind – just for MY sake.

🦋The fact is that I keep going into my mental cocoon even when I am in the midst of people, as thoughts of these transformations strike and give me solutions.

🦋Breathe deep. Analyze, seek help, read a lot, transform for the good, transform for the better and best version of you.

🦋To err is human, to forgive is Divine. BECOME THE DIVINE.
However cliched it may sound,
LET GO is the mantra and I am no Guru to say all these. Just one among you who picked some wisdom along the path I travelled/ travelling !
Let me know how you liked this !
Also how you handle/handled these emotional baggages.


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