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Little bird leaves too…🐤🕊️

Seven months after the nest became a little empty with the older one leaving home, the nest again becomes almost empty with the younger one moving out too. 

Though not out of the city, to be away from home 6 days a week !!

I pick up my crochet needle and yarn to hook  early in the morning . I am with the younger one for few days settling her down to the new life, new routine. 

I sit hooking in the living room as i hear the clinging of the vessels and tap water running. The mommy in me wants to see what my baby is doing in the kitchen when “I am there around “😊. But I sit firmly glued to the new sofa. 

Let her learn ..i repeat to myself. As expected the milk boils and spills in a split second , she tells me she was ‘just’ looking at the newspaper!!(happens)!!!

She comes with a steaming cup of coffee, aromatic, frothy one which i relish and don’t forget to compliment….

“Its better than yesterday isn’t it mamma ” 😊 she says…

“Oh honey…it surely is” 👌

She drops the coffee mugs in the sink and washes them and few other utensils…

They do it when need arises… 

Its we the adults who hamper them many a times. 

As a child of working parents, i was brought up to be fiercely independent, so don’t find it a big task to let the kids do it by themselves. 

After all, if you want your kids to soar high, you need to give them space to take off…


My small wonder !!

My baby turns 21 today… Just yesterday i saw her working with scissors, card papers, confettis , glue …

No not just being nostalgic, she did sit with all the above stuff, and i found her truly relaxing from the hectic PGDM schedule she is in to now… 

Happy that she is still a home loving girl, when other girls of her age have different interests !

Pens poems (which i seriously find tough to comprehend)!😢

Reads khalil ghibran,devdutt patnaik, 

At 21 she sends a photograph of me which she clicked recently and says,

“See you look so beautiful and that’s why I didn’t like going  to school”

She seems to be admiring me.always…i adore that sparkle in her eyes in the above pic !!!

Proud mom that i am on hearing  this…happy to have given up my small time career to be with her emotionally. I wouldn’t be hearing all these.:

“Love you”

“Adore you”

“You are the best ”

We as parents are eternally feeling blessed to have you as our child, who turns out to be our financial consultant😊, counsellor😃 , critical analyst🤓, etc., at the appropriate times !!

You are the best gift any parent can have.👸👇

The best sis 👯👭💟👇

The best grand daughter !!👇💟

🎂 💐 😘

Have fun …🎁🌮🌯

🎹 Relax with this

🎧More music as always 

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📝WRITE MORE…its therapeutic as i always say!

🏧Pamper yourself every now and then !!

Have loads and loads of fun..

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That blissful moment……..



The elevator to success is out of order. You will have to use the stairs…. One step at a time

                                                                                                                  Joe Girard

You are the apple of my eye,

My heartthrob,


The journey has just begun,

The journey so far has not been a smooth one either.It is a long, probably unending journey as one learns throughout one’s life time….

But you have crossed those hurdles with a smile on your lips and faith in your heart.

Keep moving…….

Follow your dreams……

Stick to them, work towards them, and excel in them.

Criticism, nasty looks, did not hamper you anytime and will not do so in future.

You have climbed a few steps in the ladder of success and I am glad you did them one at a time.

You will certainly reach the top

Don’t give up in the middle if you gasp for breath….

Nothing is easy and free in this world.

Your efforts, your focus, your hard work, your dedication, has started reaping fruits.

Believe in you, and believe in the Almighty whose hands you have tightly held.

To quote the tamil poet Thiruvalluvar,

A mother experiences the most blissful moment more, not when she gives birth to her child but when she hears that her child has excelled in knowledge, is wise, is a good human being, and a loving person.

Thanks for making us experience ‘that blissful moment’ when me and appa received the

Dr.K. U. NARAM AWARD, this evening, as you were nominated by your college for standing first in your college in the B.Sc course.

God bless you dear.