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It’s different…

I thought  I will share some of the funny, not so funny and whats funny about it things i do ….

I learn from many too ….

At some point or the other in life we would have copied someone in a mannerism, habit or style. 

I am no exception. 

I do quite a few things like someone else and as long as it’s not harmful to me or the society i live in i am ok with it… What do you say ?

Today i tried wearing my specs while having bath as my daughter in law does (for those who know me must be wondering from where did i get a son… Keep wondering and i shall answer in private if you are still keen to decipher )😊😊

She says, “i need to see the dirt is removed na ” 

I am still wondering whether she feels she is that dirty or she has a microscope in the place of regular glasses…Either ways, i found it a little disturbing to have the glasses on while bathing ..May be if you get used to it you can… 

My aunt uses the paper clip to hold her saree pleats in place..5 mins craft people and Life hacks with paper clips are yet to know this !!So ..Some days i just use that in place of artistic brooches…

I read somewhere that you need to stand under the shower and raise both your palms facing upward and receive all the positive energy and bring your hands down motioning towards your feet for the energy to be transmitted …. I do this once in a while though I am not sure if it really helps.. but I am calm and happy (so probably it works)!

Can’t miss mentioning about the innumerable cooking tips and menu planning that i ape from my insta friends.

Now comes the interesting part …

I was always attracted to aesthetic dressing and have been strongly following  it too

When I stopped covering my beautiful silver strands and almost the whole world was devastated by my act, and in the 

” India wants to know” 

sort of situation, (infact i came to know people from the US called up their relatives here and enquired)

(no i am not joking) 

I decide to be myself and stick to my decision and glared at Sudha Murthy, and few other ladies who gracefully carry themselves. 
So…. What is it that you try to copy from someone else…. 

Let me know !!


Crochet reminder!!!

Ripple ….My alltime favourite pattern in crochet. I really don’t get bored by repeatedly doing this. This time it’s a bigger ripple. To fit the double bed…🤣

So goes without saying that there are going to be a couple of times that I may have to rip a line or two if I make mistakes, lose count etc…I do it very carefully..

When I told hubby dearest that after finishing a line, I realized by the end of the second line that there is a mistake in the previous one and I will have to rip it to set it right , he saluted me for the patience. 

My reply was , but the end product is going to be beautiful isn’t it…So I need to do the ripping ….

That moment this blog post took birth

Isn’t that the same in life?

When talking to a friend , I said, 

Some relations are like our crochet projects. We need to rip ourselves apart if we need to have a lovely long lasting relationship!!!!

Now I bet you can’t identify that extra stitch that caused some disruption…I mended. (That stitches still there.) I mend/bend now a days only if it’s necessary. I have learnt to ignore that one stitch if it’s not going to create a hole. 


Rip yourself only for those relationships that are worthy. The blogger and the blog post will not be responsible for any crater created in your ❤️!!!!

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Love unconditionally

When somebody showers their love on you , suffocates you with their unconditional love, how do you feel?

I have started experiencing this lately. Being a single child to parents who had a wiiiiiiiiide circle of friends, i always was surrounded by people. So I like it that way. Inheriting their genes of making friends i have my circle too. So clinging to people is not a task for me. I work like a magnet probably and just go and get stuck to them. !!😊

A family has adopted me recently ….

I am pampered to the core when I am there. Right from waiting outside the house when i land in their city, expecting my arrival at the door step, to adding some crispy mixture  to the hot bisibelebath, to taking the empty coffee mug from me, to driving to important food joints, to buy a thing which i would have wished sometime, to just go gaga over what I say….isn’t that how daughters are pampered. 

I have a mother who hugs so beautifully a father who touches my head and blesses, a sister who is so loving, a brother who plays pranks and utters ‘didi‘ a hundred times amidst his roaring laughter , a sis in law who motivates me, peps me up, communicates inspite of the busy schedule, always has time to hear me, sends those ready made nutrition powders 

 last but not least a nephew who is tall and huge and can fold this aunt and keep in his pocket!!!👍

I have a few people in life who really mean it when they say 

“I am there for you need not say you don’t have siblings”

But saying and being are two different things 

I value the ones who are with me in the true sense..

Its not about the gifts they buy for me, or their words of appreciation , its all about being one among them in their family. 

As i am writing i get a call from my ‘bro‘ !!!! And i am zapped. …..And we also discuss and laugh at how my phone picks up his number and auto dials many a times !!

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Me, myself …

Its a month since my younger one started on a  new academic journey,f first local train travel to a far off place, new methods of teaching, all at the same time. The mother in me  victoriously  remained calm with things falling in place gradually. She is into her routine running at that pace in which the world expects her to…

The older one left the continent to pursue her dream. With technology and gizmos in our fingertips i really don’t miss her and lament her absence in all the day to day happenings. 

Life is like that. Stagnation does not take you anywhere.

but the fact is that i am also into a new phase. With the older one away and the younger one away for almost 12 hours in a day, a husband who too is always away for more than 12 hours, parents in law who stick to their routine and their work, its me who is left with more time and very less work to do. A true gemini , its next to impossible to put myself in a fixed routine day in and day out. But it’s the colourful yarn which gives me company in my solitude.

Its a spa where I like to be everyday.

Happy me!

What do you people do at this stage of life.?


Krishna …..guruvayoorappa

After 12 long years i reach guruvayoor to fulfill a vow that i made 5 years back.
I strongly feel i must have lived here in my last birth. What makes me say that, i really don’t know. But I don’t feel alien is what i feel.
Five years back when i had to visit the OT twice in a span of three months, i prayed to Lord Guruvayporappan to put me back on my feet asap and that i will offer ‘kalkandu’or ‘ kadi shakkar’ equal to my weight..
The ‘sweet’ krishna answered my prayers and here i am at his sannithanam to keep up my word.

Through a person who could arrange for darshan i blissfully savoured my krishna. Tears were uncontrollable.
Why cry when you see Lord…?
Its not ‘crying’…
Its emotion, gratitude which is expressed in the language known to the god and the bhakta.
When you feel his presence in your life you are bound to shed tears.
The sanctum sanctorum is lit only with oil lamps. The sandal decoration…and the small baby krishna with a flute robs your heart.
In a relaxed manner we come in circumambulation
Get prasadam, and with contentment in heart wait in a line for offering thulabharam.
I am made to sit on one side of the weighing scale and kalkandu is kept on the other. I join my hands and sit and close my eyes and express my heartfelt thanks for doing that as my small offering.
The staff do the needful and instruct me
“Pray and get up”
Yes …i pray and finish the ritual.
Someone else takes turn and takes us for darshan again.
Thats bonus….!!!
When will you call me again krishna???


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Bake a cake with your spouse

Advice To The Couple
[In the form of a cake recipe]

4lbs of love
½ lb of sweet temper
1lb of butter of youth
1lb of blindness of faults
1lb of pounded wit
1lb of good humour
2lbs of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 wine glass of common sense
A dash of modesty

Put the love, good looks and a sweet temper into a well-furnished house. Beat the butter of youth into a cream and mix well together with the blindness of faults. Stir the pounded wit and good humour into the sweet argument, then add the rippling laughter and common sense. Work the whole together until everything is well mixed and bake gently forever.

Got it from a friend years back… how authentic is the recipe..and i am sure when we bake this we can have the cake and the icing too😁


❤Keep your decibel  levels low even if you are right…when you are proved you are respected.

💙Give time for the other person to accept you in his/her life and even day to day routine… Forcing yourself doesn’t last longer.


💚You can’t claim to ‘love’ your spouse without loving his /her interests, love for people, hobby…

💛Space☺…take yours and give the other person theirs…


💜sacrifice…even at a cost stretching yourself more..i tell you it pays off in the long run and you are doing it for the person who means the world to you


💟be patient… it might just be a bad weekend or a bad week..hatred is shortlived if you compromise…

❤ don’t resist  ‘your’
go…let go for the sake of mental peace, atmosphere at home, kids
You feel proud of yourself when you think of it…



Don’t give up at the drop of a hat… learn/attempt to mend …

💙don’t record anything anywhere…doesn’t take you anywhere. Just let go and move … things will fall in place.


And the best part is you are reading it in facebook😁😁

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Home alone


How true… loneliness ..or to be alone is not a punishment or curse always.
I like my ‘being alone’ time. It gives me time to do my work in my order of preference than the order set by someone else for me.
I am aware I need to fold the clothes heaped on the sofa, but it can wait for ten minutes till I satisfy my urge to do a line or two of the ongoing crochet project.
I drag my chair near the cot and settle there with a book, so that once in a while I stare out of the window to look at the sky and the emptiness in front of me.
There are many thoughts which run through my mind at this moment..its like a chain ..I suddenly realize where I have reached from the first thought that spurred up.
I love to go from room to room just looking around not at anything particular..does it sound weird ?
But this is also time to contemplate on how I should let go, and how difficult it is to execute that. The hurt sometimes is bad enough that even though I superficially let go it, it does lie deep down. I realize I haven’t yet mastered the art of letting go fully. I can only be away from situations and people (where I can)
I am after all an average human being
I love most to sit down and sip coffee accompanied with some crunchies and just mentally plan a menu for dinner and check how I can keep cooking to the minimum yet delicious !!
The time I go for a walk is undoubtedly the best but I enjoy the loneliness I get during the day too.
An hour before my daughter reaches home is the sweetest as I see ‘my time’ slowly transforming to ‘our time’
Love you all…
Do love ‘your’ time

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Smile ….

When I Take my Cup of coffee and step into the terrace…they make me smile. They make me forget everybody and everything. Those ten or fifteen minutes I spend with them  energizes me for the day. Hurts,pains, disappointments are all washed away and the heart becomes  light. Mind becomes calm. I talk to them many times…right from saying good morning to asking them some questions as it has been a habbit from childhood…
They are next to books , music and a hobby that we pursue  in giving the best company to any person.
My day will be filled today with enthusiasm.
Reading n listening musicis in today’s timetable.
a break from crochet for today.
have  a great day folks






Love you all


Our time

Life is at top gear in 30’s and in mid 40’s I  suddenly feel I have more time. Children are in  college and would like to have their time with their friends. Husband concentrates in his career shaping. I am busy crochetting and reading books and gardening a little. I am happy that I am enjoying what I am doing as my job of being a homemaker was by choice. No regrets about it.
My friend and me decide to spend some time together. We plan and she lands at my place. A place new to her. A culture new to her. A cuisine new to her. But she enjoys the week long stay. Not that we kept roaming everyday. After a couple of visits to the nearby temples and other places, we just stayed at home listening to our favourite melodies, crochetting, gossiping and exchanging recipes.
A week was enough to rejuvenate ourselves.
we realized the importance of ‘my time’. I now feel happy…not that I wasn’t earlier. I know I can recharge myself In my own way, my own style.






Death and me….

Is it fortitude or  am i emotionless?
Why doesn’t my eyes well up?
Why doesn’t my stomach churn and knot
Why do i simply awe at the uncertainity of life and move ahead?
How can i take it so light?
How can i just brush it aside right away as

‘Its part of life’

Have i becone stone hearted?
If so, from when ?
Is it because i was exposed to the realities of life from childhood?
Is it because i didn’t have a sibling who would wipe my tears
Is it because i learned to pick up myself and walk
Is it because i dont miss to take lessons from others who have faced much more severe calamities
Is it that i pride in my abilities to handle?
Is it just because i have understood the truth that the soul is different from the body?
Does having a detached attachment aide in my being this way
Is it because death doesn’t scare me


Is it coincidence or God’s will
that i am present at all adverse moments to take charge of the situation?

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