my thoughts expressed in words

this moment…..

on July 25, 2013

This moment, 

First, be at peace with your own self

your body releases better hormones that way.

Stop regretting about your past and enjoy this moment.

Plan for your future, but don’t start living now.

Love everyone around you.

Don’t hold past grudges in your heart and mind. It had an expiry date !

Forgive and forget – a tried and tested phrase.

yes…..just forget. 

speak kind words, If that is difficult, put yourself on ‘silent mode’

May be you will never get a chance to say sorry otherwise at a later date.

Life is a challenge for everyone, you are not the only one facing it. 

No self-pity please…

Think simple, comprehend simple, so that you live simple. 

Its much easier to do than you think… 

Try it….

Don’t read between lines, words and syllables…

People do love you… there is no strategy going on behind you to slay you down… 

people have better jobs to do…

believe it..

Above all, thank the almighty for giving you a chance to love the people around you. 

7 responses to “this moment…..

  1. uma says:


  2. Seriously saying, reading this once relaxed my mind for a dozen times! Nice work Sis 🙂

  3. nityakalyani says:

    Anu life is a cycle and we pray/hope for the best and must leave it in God’s hands as he is only the deciding factor

  4. neha says:

    Very true, but very less people follow this in their lives….how beautiful this world would be, if people just forget past grudges and love everyone aroung…………..

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