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on July 1, 2011

When i started detangling the bundle of wool that i had purchased to make a baby blanket for a friend of mine, i realized so many qualities we need to / or we already possess..

We dont get perturbed by the complications life throws at us. We get a jerk when we approach, but give our best in finding a solution.. My bundle of wool was quite a tangle, but i knew i have to remove it to make balls of it. Isn’t it the same…?

Once i started winding it in my fingers, i felt the confidence in me that i can definitely do it… The wool did not run smooth for very long, there was a knot ….. its the same with life, its not a cake walk always………hurdles are bound to be there…

By this time, i had made a small ball out of the wool wound in my fingers… when i encountered a knot in the bigger bundle, i passed the small ball through the skeins and took it out for another stretch of smooth running yarn…isn’t life’s situation the same…its never storm always…. there is definitely a lull period… we need to quickly re charge ourselves …..

I realized the enormous patience one needs to have in both the detangling of wool and approaching the ups and downs of life…

When patiently passing the woolen ball through the skeins with a smile on my lips, I was already in my mind visualizing the sweet outcome of the effort…a cute, cuddly baby blanket

One response to “Realization…………

  1. creativemau says:

    Very nice

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