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First day……

on August 26, 2011

I was anxiously waiting at the bus stand to catch a bus which goes to my college… Just for few days and I identified a friendly face, travelling with me in the same bus, getting down at the same stop and getting into my own class… We became friends and we are still. Its 25 years old.  We are a thousand plus miles away from each other but can still connect.

Today when i was waiting at the college of my younger daughter, i saw girls and boys bubbling with energy, girls were all  dressed all most in jeans and tops, leaving their hair open, laughing out loud and pulling each others legs, all interesting and naughty t.-shirt quotes, different types of jeans, girls in three fourth pants…and leggings and kurtis carrying themselves comfortably and the boys, poor ones, not much of a variety to wear…… what a care free stage of life… Of course i dont miss telling my daughters, that we did not have even the tension of carrying a cell phone with us…. we just needed to call home from a public phone to tell that we would be late or we were going to a friend’s place. Life was much simpler.. But its nice to see todays children handling high end gizmos very casually and being tech savvy…[ flabbergasted when my daughter sent a message through whats app that college is ‘coool’ and ‘fun’ ]  their confidence beams in their face. Their energy is infectious.. I felt so happy just by seeing them. Being in their company would have made me all the more young.

I also realized that i have been a good friend of my daughter more than being a mom… It reminded me of a line i read in a book….”controlling mothers are insecure mothers” Its a rope walk… At every stage we need to handle it carefully so that the child develops that confidence in us to open and share all that is there in his/her life.

Life is fun for them for them.. As a mother, i was praying and blessing them that they should live happily and achieve all their dreams…

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