my thoughts expressed in words

The journey so far…….

on May 6, 2012

We met when we were less than ten years old. Then we missed each other on many occasions. After sixteen years, we were brought together. A couple of days we spent together and realized the ‘chemistry’ that worked between us!

Then things proceeded  in jet speed, parents discussed, approved , exchanged letters, and decided. Our betrothal was over. Just a few more moths and we were man and wife.

The journey started there, being for each other.


Living, following the above success formula, the many years of togetherness is beautiful. Life was not easy.  Adjustments, compromises, were part of this journey. End of the day, i had this unflinching faith in him that he is there to take care of everything in my life. Can even say, i surrendered myself… and with absolute no regret till this day. The emotional support that i have recieved on so many instances, is tremendous. Listening to me when i am upset gave me the confidence to confide anything and everything to him. Comforting me at the most disturbed moments of life, standing by my side, patting me for being brave, looking up to me for his emotional dependence, makes me feel on cloud nine…

Its the not the gifts that your spouse showers on you, nor the holiday  destinations that he takes you, its the emotional proximity of each other, that matters. Its two way, the more you give, the more u get. The compromises, and sacrifices, that are made at the initial years of married life, paves way for years of understanding. There is no place for Ego in this relationship.

Looking forward for years and years  of togetherness ……………..

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