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Balu mama

on April 16, 2021
Always thumbs up to Life
The man who stood next to this mottai me for 52 years now
Siva pazham
Doting husband

What was planned to be a memoir scheduled for July 2021, now becomes an eulogy.
My maternal Uncle
KRISHNAMURTHY BALASUBRAMANIAM fondly known as Balu or Manian – Kbs Manian left us yesterday to rest at the lotus feet of Paramathma .
He will be 80 this July. Old by number but definitely not by heart. Not a single person who has been associated with him would have an unpleasant memory of him. Synonymous to cheerfulness he literally lived life King size. Life threw many many surprises at him. But must have got bored as he always hit a sixer with whatever was thrown at him.
He did with his last ball too. He didn’t trouble himself nor others for even 24 hours. Wrapped up and cleared field by 12 hours. He was an ardent cricket fan, tennis fan and carom connoisseur. He can get down to the level of 1,2,3 years old too. He would snatch the sweets in their hands and pop it up and make the kid cry but not feel bad about his act. May sound silly to some but he was a child by heart. Having him always a call or click away, from birth, his demise has created a huge void in my life. My ace photographer whom I am yet to come to terms at the sudden departure. Blessed to have had a chat just 24 hours before he breathed his last.
So what are you doing here instead of mourning you may ask. I am fondly remembering my mama wiping my blurry teary vision and penning down his memories. I am sure to have been mocked by him if I had been crying and sulking. A warmth of 52 years ( swipe to see him standing next to the mottai me) will now become a memory. I can smell the javvadhu when I hug him and punch his thoppai( stomach). He never allowed my daughters to address him as ‘mama thatha’ ( grand uncle) and they always called him mama along with me. He was a doting husband to my wonderful, elegant charming mami(aunt) whom I equally adore. The best friend in a father to my cousin my baby Anand,( who now is 40)the beat father in law to Yoge, the best son, brother, brother in law, friend, neighbor, and definitely the BEST MAMA to me and kumar my other cousin brother.
I am here to remind you a few points .

✨to erase that bitterness you had/have with some one who was very close to you once.

✨to pick up the phone and make a call to say that you left the bitterness in the past

✨to call that uncle /aunt /brother /sister /sister in law/ brother in law /friend to break the ice and say ‘a hello ‘with or without tears

✨it isn’t worth holding a grudge or ill feeling

✨I am not preaching but speaking out of experience. I did it couple of times in the past to wipe clean my mind of unpleasant incidents and words by people and now in good terms with them.

✨learn from the incident, let go for your own peace.

✨Trust me its BLISS not to have hatred or grudge





5 responses to “Balu mama

  1. vidraghu says:

    Sorry to hear abt your loss.. True abt wat you have told abt grudges/bitterness.. no use holding it against anyone since life is short!! May god give you more power and strength to overcome this phase!!

  2. Usha says:

    A fitting tribute and a lesson we are all reminded of when we lose a dear one ! Yes ! Not to hold a grudge !!

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