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Melting Point !!!!!!

on May 9, 2011

Hey……………Your guess is wrong ! You would have thought i am going to write something about how u start melting in this chennai heat!!! Yes, u really melt down literally.. People have already started telling me that i have shed weight !!!!!No need to visit any gym or go on a diet and sweat out doing exercises…You just need to stay in Chennai during April and May months of the year.Isn’t it really easy to shed the extra kilos this way…

But…this is not about that at all.. Its about one thing that melts in your mouth. I have been tasting it fo the past twenty one years and its just the same. All these years my mom in law has made it several times, but the taste  remains the same. The consistency is just the right. Previously my mom in law used to make it single handedly.. Now for the past fifteen years, she is constantly monitored, criticized, assisted, intervened , counselled by my dad in law….He needs to keep himself busy after he took his VRS fifteen years back ! There are always those expert comments from him that she should have fried the besan a little more, or the ghee is too much, or she should have removed it from fire a ‘few’ seconds back… But beyond all this it tastes great. I tried doing it under the able guidance of my respected mom in law, in the sense, she will be constantly by my side and i would be doing the stirring part of it ( i dont call this doing independently)!But somehow i myself was not very satisfied. So i decided to sit back and enjoy it … My husband loves it. If it is made when he is at home, he will be waiting for the pieces to be made. and when it is still hot, some half a dozen pieces will rush through his food pipe and silently rest in his stomach blessing the hand that made it ! My daughters love it too..They too sit and watch its gaining shape.. Once it is transfered into a plate, it disappears.My mom who is in bed, makes a big fuss to have her food, but when given a piece, her mouth is wide open. !!! We are so much used to the one made by my mom in law, that we just dont enjoy what the whole word praises—the ones thats available in the shops.

By now you must have guessed that it is the ‘MYSORE PAK’ … a traditional south indian sweet …….It just melllllllllllts in your mouth.

2 responses to “Melting Point !!!!!!

  1. Balu Mama says:

    Mom’s preparations are special indeed ! I still relish some of the preparations my mom used to make even at this age of hers. After all, cooking is an art that melts many hearts. A good tribute to our mothers is to avoid passing unwarranted comments on the items made by them.

  2. Banu says:

    Anu, you left me craving for it now…..yum….all your fault!!!!

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