my thoughts expressed in words


on May 17, 2011

Dictionary defines it as

‘being brave, calm and uncomplaining when you experience something unpleasant or painful’

Wow !!!  quite succinctly defined. But theres so  much to read between the words. so  much to absorb.  So much to implement. Not an easy task…..But ONE HAS TO… its need of the hour. To stay calm, we need to tell or rather dictate our own mind and repeatedly auto suggest that we need to be brave.We need to  think about the people, kids around us who look upon us for moral support and for their sake keep calm.  To act sensibily, with a distant vision, we need to stay calm. By being calm one can avoid lots of last minute confusions. One just needs to be prepared, equipped, and alert. This is the time to probably take a few deep breaths and sit down with your eyes closed for a few minutes and focus on the supreme power and pray to be beside you to handle the situation. With God above and faith within, we will be able to.

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