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The Wait……….

on June 14, 2011

Isn’t WAITING an integral part of our life ?

May be it starts even before we come to this world… Our parentst wait for our arrival in their life !

Our mom waits for the confirmation from her doctor that we have occupied her womb!

Doctors and relatives wait on us to grow and come to this world. !

We wait on our mother for the colostrum !

Then our parents wait for us to accomplish the milestones on time, wait for us to take the  first step, first word, first tantrum….and so on…

Then we are admitted in the school, we wait for our first friend, first teacher on that first day of a life long learning process….

We wait for results as we grow, wait for a good job, wait for our first pay packet,

wait for our dream girl/boy……

wait for making our own home, our children, their prosperity, and the wait goes on……

we retire, grow old., but only some are gifted to have a healthy and happy old age. For others old age is a curse….

If we are gifted…its our good karma.  Otherwise we  wait in anticipation for God’s chariot to come and airlift us !!!!!!!!!!

2 responses to “The Wait……….

  1. Banu says:

    How true!!! Our life is about how we deal with the waiting, which is inevitable anyway!!!
    Wow! I can see the qualities of a budding writer in you… being inspired by little things around you…. keep it up!!!

  2. creativemau says:

    Agree with Banu,
    Now i’m waiting to see you in person !!!

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