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Being and making happy…

on April 17, 2014


I got this in whats app this morning from a friend…today is one of those rare days when I look at the mobile for whats app, viber or any other messages while still in bed….yes getting up late, and doing things at your own pace is something a woman gets to enjoy once in a while.

The quote sounds simple….and it is simple. But its we who  complicate it. Nobody on earth is hundred percent happy. We all have our own share of unhappines and  dissatisfaction. Just the proportion of hapiness and unhappiness differs. There is nothing wrong either about being unhappy. But as age advances we need to know the importance we need to give to those issues that make us so.
The quote says
“Making everyone happy is not in our hands”

Not necessarily …I feel. You can always “try” to make others happy and in the process if they do not understand our motive its thwir headache.  But yes, you cannot make each and everyone happy.  You can only try and suggest means and ways to make them happy.  To take it or not is in their hands.

Now the second part..

” being happy with everyone is definitely in our hands ”

Yes…this is where we have the reigns.

We need to be happy with ourselves first

We crib about so many things…… unhappy about being who we are,
right from the gender,
how we are,
where we are,
why we are ( why me the worst and I hate it )
And the worser part we dont ask ourselves the same question when something wonderful happens in life…
Is that fair?
There is no need to feel victimized.
No one out there is behind our blood.

Feeling happy corelates to feeling beautiful from within.
Getting up to the chirping sound of birds is beautiful, but if you cannot afford it and only get up to the blaring sound of a vehicle, don’t lose heart, 

Feel beautiful …you are still alive to hear that.

learn to consciously apply the art of appreciation in your daily life. You will find so many little things that you failed to notice  otherwise.

Feel positive about everything, even if its as simple as popping up a pill for some sickness. Believe that the pill is going to work for you. The real effect of the pill starts there. If you dont believe, the side effect starts there too.
Once you have chosen to appreciate yourself,  your countenance starts reflecting your mind. There is a smile, a sort of contentment showing up. Your skin glows. There is a  halo behind your face and that attracts people. Your happiness is expressed.

You start recieving compliments….

As I said above, I recieved the above picture along with the message


Thanks sheeba ….you made my day.

PS. If I can appreciate the beauty of life, you can do it too… a compliment is on your way probably…

2 responses to “Being and making happy…

  1. ranjani135 says:

    We need to be happy with ourselves first….. very very true, Anu.

  2. Shreevidhya says:

    Thanks anu for sharing a good article 🙂 Would like to know more similar articles like this!! keep sharing…

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