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Its all in the mind….

on January 19, 2015

images (1)Be bold when you lose…..
Be calm when you win…..
Changing the face can change nothing…..
But Facing the change can change everything…..

That was a forward I got in whats app this morning.

True..losing and winning is part of life. They make their presence alternately.
To sulk and go into deep depression and to float in the air are two extremes.
Praying to give us the strength to bear the loss is equally important as praying to keep us grounded.
To remain calm is not easy but not impossible
Tune your mind with Almighty and be ready to accept HIS verdict…afterall did your part well
Pray incessantly…at loss and at success
Believe in yourself and the mighty force guiding you
Believe in miracles
It does happen..I mean it
Have gratitude to what you have been blessed with
Count your blessings
Compare your sorrow with that man who is undergoing more than what you are going through

There is a time and reason for the loss as well as the success.
If we knew the time and reason we would be GOD😆

2 responses to “Its all in the mind….

  1. Indhuselvam says:

    Amazing thought aunty which made my day feel super energetic and makes me keep going

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