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It’s different…

on July 13, 2017

I thought  I will share some of the funny, not so funny and whats funny about it things i do ….

I learn from many too ….

At some point or the other in life we would have copied someone in a mannerism, habit or style. 

I am no exception. 

I do quite a few things like someone else and as long as it’s not harmful to me or the society i live in i am ok with it… What do you say ?

Today i tried wearing my specs while having bath as my daughter in law does (for those who know me must be wondering from where did i get a son… Keep wondering and i shall answer in private if you are still keen to decipher )😊😊

She says, “i need to see the dirt is removed na ” 

I am still wondering whether she feels she is that dirty or she has a microscope in the place of regular glasses…Either ways, i found it a little disturbing to have the glasses on while bathing ..May be if you get used to it you can… 

My aunt uses the paper clip to hold her saree pleats in place..5 mins craft people and Life hacks with paper clips are yet to know this !!So ..Some days i just use that in place of artistic brooches…

I read somewhere that you need to stand under the shower and raise both your palms facing upward and receive all the positive energy and bring your hands down motioning towards your feet for the energy to be transmitted …. I do this once in a while though I am not sure if it really helps.. but I am calm and happy (so probably it works)!

Can’t miss mentioning about the innumerable cooking tips and menu planning that i ape from my insta friends.

Now comes the interesting part …

I was always attracted to aesthetic dressing and have been strongly following  it too

When I stopped covering my beautiful silver strands and almost the whole world was devastated by my act, and in the 

” India wants to know” 

sort of situation, (infact i came to know people from the US called up their relatives here and enquired)

(no i am not joking) 

I decide to be myself and stick to my decision and glared at Sudha Murthy, and few other ladies who gracefully carry themselves. 
So…. What is it that you try to copy from someone else…. 

Let me know !!

5 responses to “It’s different…

  1. Poonam says:

    Well written mam. I am very choosy about wht i wear n its important for me to feel good in skin. But thr are days whn i see people wear jazzy stuff (specially those designer saree tht r over weight to handle) n thn once in a blue moon i wear tht saree just to try new look.

  2. Deepika Ramesh says:

    This blog made me smile. You are full of humour. Thank you! 🙂

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