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Homemade hair oil

on March 12, 2023

Hair oil ( my amma and athai’s recipe).
DISCLAIMER : HAIR GROWTH IS MAJORLY GENETIC. This post doesn’t guarantee magical hair growth!
I have labelled the ingredients in the picture. They are to be ground together and mixed with coconut oil and boiled for 30 minutes in low flame till the house is filled with nice aroma.
Or as an alternative, can grind it into a thick paste and take a scoop and flatten it in a plastic sheet and sun dry it and drop them in a jar of coconut oil. Refill the oil a couple of times with the same vadais /vadis.
Now the story time :
👱‍♀️By genetic blessings my grand mother and aunts of paternal side had very healthy and long tresses. So do I.
💆Then comes ZERO STRESS
This too I feel is genetic to a certain extent. Right from childhood, I have been one who doesn’t take stress/ or you may call it ‘thick skinned’ ( that doesn’t mean there is no stress in my life. Its just that I handle it differently)
👱‍♀️Then comes MAINTENANCE- I have never used shampoo or hair dryer till my 30-35 years of age. I don’t ise a hair drier even today. Only pat drying with towel, combing to detangle with fingers when hair is wet, and an aathi pinnal ஆத்திப் பின்னல் (see last few pics)
👱‍♀️NUTRITION too plays a major role. Till date I don’t pick the curry leaves in my food and keep them aside. I chew it without fail. And sometimes take the ones from others plate ( of course before they start eating😀) if they are the ones who discard it. Apart from curry leaves a healthy diet aids to good hair growth.
👱‍♀️NO CHEMICALS AND STYLERS- I stopped dyeing my hair four years back and my salt and pepper looks have become goals to many 😉I too used chemicals while dyeing for almost a decade but then stopped. If you like the different colours then you are inviting trouble.
This is what I wanted to share.
Any further queries please comment so that others can understand too.


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